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Brews N Shoes is dedicated to providing a helping hand in the strength of a community.

To inspire in all the power of dedication and love.

Brews N Shoes is a charity event that takes place on the first Saturday in March every year. The original Horseshoe Charity Event has been an awaited day for many players and attendees for over 20 years. Originating at BJ's Tavern back in the early 1990's and recently taken over by Brews N Shoes in 2011. With the help of many giving folks, this Horseshoe Charity has raised tens of thousands of dollars for the Erie City Mission over the 20 years and has fed nearly 3,000 meals since 2011. Brews N Shoes has also extended the helping hand to great charities like Homeless Veterans, ALS Awareness, Toys for Wildcats, Kanzius Research Foundation, Blended Spirits Ranch, and Boots on Ground Be The Voice.

This year's charity was Cystic Fibrosis Association of Erie County.
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24th Annual 2017

Cystic Fibrosis Association of Erie
Jaboney 2017 Champions

23rd Annual 2016

Boots On Ground Be The Voice
Jaboney 2016 Champions

22nd Annual 2015

Blended Spirits Ranch
Jaboney 2015 Champions

21st Annual 2014

Toys for Wildcats
Snakefighters 2014 Champions

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20th Annual 2013

ALS Awareness
John Kanzius Research Foundation
Coons 2013 Champions

19th Annual 2012

My Fathers House of Erie
Erie City Mission
Coons 2012 Champions

Our first year at Post 2341

Erie City Mission
Backyard Boys 2011 Champions